Terms & Conditions

This page sets out terms which apply to your use of Fogarty+Patchett Design’s website at www.fogartypatchett.co.uk and Fogarty+Patchett Design’s social media content. It also contains information and terms relating to communications between you and Fogarty+Patchett Design.

Fogarty+Patchett Design is a company registered in England and Wales, with company number 04767294, and registered address at 147 Chalklands, Bourne End SL85TL (Fogarty+Patchett Design or we/us). You can contact Fogarty+Patchett Design here.

1. Purpose of this website and our use of social media

This website provides information about Fogarty+Patchett Design and its services and commentary and views on related issues. It also contains a form which you may use to contact Fogarty+Patchett Design (see section 2 below).

Fogarty+Patchett Design may also use social media channels provided by third parties (such as Linkedin or Facebook) to provide information about its business and provide commentary and views on related issues.

Whilst efforts are taken to keep information up to date, it is not intended that you or any other party rely on any information provided on this website or within our social media accounts. In particular, please check with us before relying on information about the services we provide. The provision of services by Fogarty+Patchett Design to you is subject to you entering into a contract for services with Fogarty+Patchett Design.

2. Contact details and communications

If you contact Fogarty+Patchett Design using the contact details on this website or using social media channels, we may store your contact details and your communication for our business purposes. We may contact you in response to a query, comment or a post made to us.

See our privacy notice here for more information about our use of your personal data.

Contact forms and our contact details are provided for legitimate business queries and communications, and you should not use them to send spam, bulk communications or other unlawful communications – see also section 4 below.

3. Intellectual property

The content and branding (including trademarks, logos and imagery) of this website and other Fogarty+Patchett Design communications and content are protected by intellectual property rights of Fogarty+Patchett Design and its licensors. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with Fogarty+Patchett Design, you are not permitted to use or copy any content, trademarks or branding other than for accessing and viewing the content (for information purposes), or for communicating with us, as described at section 2 above.

You may link to our website, provided this is done for legitimate reasons and in a lawful manner and does not involve any misuse of our content or misrepresentation of Fogarty+Patchett Design.

4. Your responsibilities

You may not make any unlawful or unauthorised use of any content within Fogarty+Patchett Design’s website, social media channels or other communications, including:

  • unauthorised copying or use of materials protected by intellectual property rights (including images, text, software and other content); or
  • unauthorised distribution or disclosure of confidential, personal or sensitive information.

You may not use Fogarty+Patchett Design’s communications facilities or contact details to send unlawful or unauthorised communications or to send or upload any unlawful content, including:

  • content which is obscene, abusive or defamatory;
  • spam or bulk communications, or communications which are offensive or cause harassment;
  • communications which misrepresent yourself or another party, or the activities of you or another party; or
  • content which infringes intellectual property rights, or breaches data protection, confidentiality or privacy requirements.

You may not make any other unlawful or unauthorised use of Fogarty+Patchett Design’s or its service providers’ equipment, software or networks, including:

  • attempting to gain unauthorised access; or
  • introducing any virus or malware, or causing any denial of service attack.

5. Cookies

We do not currently use cookies on our website.

6. Third-party links and content

Our website or social media content may contain links to websites, content or contact details of other parties, or may otherwise refer to content or contact details of other parties. Fogarty+Patchett Design has no control or responsibility for the availability or security of such websites or content, nor of the quality or accuracy of such content or contact details.

Fogarty+Patchett Design also has no control or responsibility for cookies used by third-party websites nor communications between you and third parties.

7. Limitations on Fogarty+Patchett Design’s liability to you

Fogarty+Patchett Design does not exclude or limit any liability to you for fraud, or for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or for any other liability which cannot lawfully be excluded, and the limitations of liability in this Section 7 are subject to this.

The content within our website and social media channels are provided without any guarantees, warranties or representations (including on availability, completeness or accuracy).

Fogarty+Patchett Design will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage (including any loss of business or loss of data) which you suffer as a result of:

  • the use of such content or our website (or any social media channel), including any reliance on any information they include; or
  • the unavailability of our website (or any social media channel) or any particular content or communications channels.

For the avoidance of doubt, these terms are not intended to impact Fogarty+Patchett Design’s responsibilities or liability to you (where applicable) under:

  • a separate contract with you for the provision of our services; or
  • data protection or privacy laws, or the law of confidence.

8. Changes to website, content and terms

We may change the content of our website or social media channels at any time, or withdraw (or change) access to our website or social media content, for any reason. We may also update these terms from time to time.

9. General

If any provision these terms is found by any court or legal authority to be unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain in force and, to the extent possible, the provision shall be modified to ensure it is enforceable, whilst maintaining its commercial intention.

These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales.7